Sunday, January 1, 2017

Reps: How to download and change you Facebook banner

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to change your Facebook personal or business page banner and use one of the given Avon templates.
1.  By now you know the drill...sign in.
Step 1
2.  In the upper left hand corner click on "web office."
Step 2
3.  On this pretty page full of pink buttons click on the "social media center" button.
Step 3
4.  This is where you can find all kinds of useful social media posts, banners and videos; of course free to use to advertise your Avon business.  They make it easy to remember which ones you have already downloaded or posted by putting a handy little check mark in the top right corner of each post once you have used it.  You can also narrow your search down by choosing "essentials" and then scrolling down until you find the one you want.
Step 4
5.  Once you find the banner you want, simply click on the Facebook icon and it will automatically download to your computer.
Step 5
6.  See the check mark at the top right?  This is how you know it downloaded successfully.
Step 6
7.  Now go to your Facebook page and if you hover your mouse in the right bottom of your existing banner you will see a little message come up prompting you to "change cover" along with your choices of change.  For this tutorial we are going to click on "upload photo."  Go to wherever in your computer your downloads are and double click on the banner when you find it.
Step 7
8.  Once you double click, you Facebook page will show your new banner, along with options to drag to reposition, save or cancel.  We are going to hit "save" and we are done.  Your new banner is up!
Step 8
Just to wrap it up:
1.  Sign in.
2.  Web office.
3.  Social media center.
4.  Search for what you want.
5.  Click.
6.  Verify check mark.
7.  Change cover and upload photo.
8.  Save.

FYI:  If you don't want to use the Avon given banners, you can use any of your own photos as long as they are at least 399 pixels wide by 150 pixels high.  Use the same steps and upload the photo of your choice.

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