Sunday, September 25, 2016

Reps: How to quickly find out who placed a direct delivery order and your earnings:

Lets be realistic.  The bottom line is money.  Everyone is in this for the money, but no one talks about it and everything is so confusing on the site....another one of those things I always wanted to know but could never figure out; yet it was right there in front of me with just a few simple steps.  
Step 1.  Simply sign in the way you normally do using your account number and password.
Step 1

Step 2.  Click up at the top left corner of the page where it says "my orders."
Step 2
Step 3.  Now scroll down to the bottom right underneath where it says "reports" and click on "direct delivery orders."
Step 3

Step 4.  The window that opens up will show you what you want to know; the customer who placed the order, the amount, and most importantly how much you earned off the the order.  
Step 4
 Step 5.  If you look to the top right of this window, you can change the date range to past months and campaigns and click the X when you are done looking to close the window. 
Step 5

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